Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Announcing The Pitcademy Awards!!!

(Pictured with MTAS adoptable dog Olga is WDHA's Terrie Carr (l) and
MTAS shelter manager Melissa Neiss. Courtesy of J. Frazz Photography

Announcing The Pitcademy Awards!

Announcing The Pitcademy Awards hosted by MTAS Junior Volunteers Lindsey and Trinity! Vote now for your favorite MTAS Pittie!  To vote go to this link:

Not sure who to cast your vote for? Then come down to the shelter and visit the dogs and find your favorite dog! If you happen to fall in love while you are here and decide to adopt one of our Furbulous Pitties then you will receive a "Wag Bag" with your adoption! 

Once the voting has closed we will post the winning Pittie...though they are all winners in our eyes!  Vote now!